Chaos! Time Period

  • 1390 B.C.: The year Sakkara was born.
  • 1457: Hope's mother Marion was born.
  • 1470s: Hope was born.
  • 1485: Hope's Mother Marion past away.
  • 1495: The year Hope avoided being burned on a stake and summon a demon to take her to Hell.
  • 196X: Chastity Marks was born.
  • Mid 1970s: Chastity Marks fled from home after being fed up with her abusive father.
  • 198X: Sarah Wilson was born.
  • 1989: Last time New York had a sword related crime.
  • 2001: Lady Death is sent back to the world of the living. Finding herself as a mortal not remenbering her past life at all. She discovers that she's standing on top of a building in New York City.

Avatar Time Period

  • 800: Third place Lady Death finds herself is the Bristol Bay & the Alaska Peninsula.
  • 1100: The year Hope discovered that her dad was actually an imposter and took her mother hostage to the Blacklands. Hope was sentenced to being burn on a stake but was saved by a group of demons.
  • 1325: The second place Lady Death finds herself in is Valley of Mexico, near the Tenochca Temple.
  • 1621: fourth place Lady Death finds herself in is Beijing China.
  • 186X: Eva was born.
  • 1884: Lady Death was teleported from the Blacklands to London by Eva, but was teleported back to the Blacklands after Eva's father freed her and allow Lady Death to punish her for the enchantment.
  • 1923: Lady Death was put under a sleep enchantment and finds herself in Nova Scotia, Scotland


  • Because of Chaos! & Avatar's own Lady Death universes are different it would be appropriate for there to be two seperate time periods to avoid confusion between the two.