Appearing in "Youth Gone Wild"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Evil Ernie (First appearance)
  • Dr. Leonard Price
  • Dr. Mary Young

Supporting Characters:

  • Lady Death (First appearance)
  • Judy Young
  • Billy Young
  • Rick Young
  • Nurse Goodwill

Other Characters:

  • Commissioner Stone
  • Kevin (in a vision)
  • Charlie (dies)
  • Mr. & Mrs. Fairchild (die in flashback)


  • Clearview Mental Institution

Synopsis for "Youth Gone Wild"Edit

Ernest Fairchild is a disturbed teenage serial killer locked away at the Clearview Mental Institution under the watchful care of Dr. Leonard Price. Ernie as he is called, has violent outbursts following his constant hallucinations about a world of fantasy ruled by the dead in which he has superior powers as an undead psychotic killer, infatuated with the mysterious and sultry Lady Death.

Elsewhere, Dr. Mary Young is eager to be of help to society and after learning about Ernie, she decides he is the perfect test subject for her experimental Neurotech machine. On a visit to Clearview, she learns Ernie's background as a badly abused kid, who was sent to Dr. Price in his childhood because his misguided parents believed his behaviour was a result of a mental issue, instead of their terrible parenting. Price collaborated with them and after years of failed therapy, he experimented on Ernie using a special electric machine, which knocked Ernie unconscious and allowed him to enter the world of the dead for the first time and meet Lady Death, who suggested Ernie to commit murder to get rid of his problems.

Shortly afterwards, Ernie killed his parents one morning over breakfast, then proceeded down the block, killing 35 more victims. As police captured him, 12 more died at his hands. Price explains how he feels responsible for Ernie's current state, but how despite his best efforts, there seems to be no cure to Ernie's murderous nature. As he explains this, he and Dr. Young witness a near escape attempt where several guards are killed by Ernie, who used ultra-violence until he was subdued by Price himself. After witnessing this, Dr. Young is convinced that Ernie is perfect for the experimental treatment which will cure him of his manic ways forever.



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