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Evil Ernie

Name: Ernest Fairchild
Alias(es): Evil Ernie
Alignment: Evil
Relatives: Mr. & Mrs. Fairchild (deceased)
Status: Dead
Citizenship: American
Creators(s): Brian Pulido, Steven Hughes
First appearance: Evil Ernie #1

Evil Ernie is an undead psychopathic serial killer, whose only purpose is to kill and eliminate everything that lives.


Ernest Fairchild was a heavily abused child, who developed several issues as a result of the constant abuse from his parents. Ernie was sent to a mental institution to get therapy, but due to lack of results, he was exposed to a experimental procedure, which allowed him to meet Lady Death in a dream dimension. As a result, Ernie became obsessed with murder and after killing his parents, he murdered several others, losing his sanity.

Ernie was locked at the Clearview Mental Institution where he was held for further treatment.[1] Years passed and Ernie didn't improve despite the doctors' best efforts. Eventually, a new dream probe called Neurotech was developed and Ernie became the first test subject. The procedure reinforced the mind link between Ernie and Lady Death, but also resulted in his own death. Although Ernest Fairchild's human body had died, he rose back as Evil Ernie, a psychotic undead killer that prior to that moment, existed only in Ernie's fantasies.[2] Evil Ernie gained the power to raise and control the recently deceased, which he used to create a utopia of death and destruction in order to please Lady Death, who demanded more killings in Ernie's mind.[3]

After creating enough death and destruction, Evil Ernie sought Lady Death in his dream netherworld, but as he was about to claim his long-awaited reward, he was interruped by Dr. Mary Young.[4] Enraged, Evil Ernie decided to kill Mary's family, going against Lady Death's wishes. This was Ernie's last mistake, as he was killed by Mary Young and Dr. Price using a very powerful military weapon. Evil Ernie was blown to pieces before he could claim more lives.[5]

Powers and Abilities

  • Invulnerability[3]: Although Evil Ernie can sustaing great amounts of damage, he is not invincible as he can be blown to pieces with a powerful enough weapon.[5]
  • Necromancy (Zombie Manipulation)[3]
  • Reality Mind [6]: While alive and even in death, Ernest possesses the underlying ability to influence reality as if it were an extension of his own warped consciousness.

Comics Timeline

Eternity Comics

Evil Ernie: 1-5 (1991)

Chaos Comics

Evil Ernie: Youth Gone Wild # 1-5 (1991-1992)

Evil Ernie: Resurrection # 1-4 (1993)

Evil Ernie: #0 (1993)

Evil Ernie: Revenge # 1-4 (1994)