Title Hell's Blacksmith
Gender Male
Race Eternal Blacksmith
Faction Good
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Status Alive
Location Hell

Personal Profile

  • Birthname: Marco Ivan Emmetovich
  • Title: Hell's Blacksmith, Hell's Guardian, & The Adversary
  • Alias: Cremator
  • Birthdate: 1400s
  • Birth place: Europe
  • Relations: A wife
  • Natonality: Originally European
  • Species: Eternal Blacksmith
  • First Comic Book Appearance: Lady Death The Reckoning #2
  • Home: Hell
  • Marital Status: Was married, except his wife is in Heaven.
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Hair Color: none
  • Eye Colour: White
  • Skin Color: Brown
  • Distinguishing Features: Purple hood.