Somewhere between time & space, Lady Death is found falling through a vortex leading to anoth
Lady death alive01


er world. She gradually started to transform the closer she leaves the vortex. When she regain conscieness, she doesn't remenber her past life at all. However she's no longer the goddess she use to of been. She's now a mortal back to what she use to look like before being sent to Hell and slowly transforming into a cruel entity. Her skin has reformed it's beige hue and her hair has become blonde again. All what she use to look like when she was still the Swedish mortal Hope. Lady Death however discovers that the world she once knew has gradually changed. It's already been 500 years since she was sent to Hell. And she discovers that she's on top of what she refers to a tower is actually a building. Located in New York City of the year 2001!